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MKVtoolnix 17.0.0 (Oct 14, 2017)
« Mensaje inicial: 14 de Octubre de 2017, 20:40 »
Aquí tenemos una nueva actualización de MKVToolnix, que es un conjunto de herramientas que incluye entre otros mkvinfo que obtiene información sobre archivos Matroska (MKV), mkvextract para poder extraer pistas almacenadas en archivos Matroska (MKV) y Mkvmerge que multiplexa (une) archivos para crear un fichero Matroska (MKV)

Version 17.0.0 "Be Ur Friend" 2017-10-14

## Important notes

* The word "timecode" has been changed to "timestamp" everywhere it was used in MKVToolNix. This affects program output (including mkvinfo's), GUI controls, command line parameters (e.g. `mkvmerge --timestamp-scale …`) and file formats. All programs remain backwards compatible insofar as they still accept "timecode" in all those places (e.g. `mkvmerge --timecode-scale …`).
The reason for the change is wrong usage. What both the Matroska specification and MKVToolNix used "timecode" for is normally called a "timestamp" in audio & video domains. A "timecode" on the other hand has a specific meaning. As the Matroska specification is moving towards implementing real timecodes, it will also move towards correcting the verbiage. MKVToolNix is following this change.

* mkvextract's command line interface has been changed to allow extraction of multiple items at the same time. The first argument must now be the source file's name. All following arguments either set the mode (e.g. `tracks`) or specify what to extract in the currently active mode.
Those items that were written to the standard output (chapters, tags and cue sheets) are now always written to files instead. Therefore the respective modes require an output file name.
For example, extracting two tracks, the chapters and the tags can be done with the following command:
`mkvextract input.mkv tracks 0:video.h265 1:audio.aac chapters chapters.xml tags tags.xml`
The old interface (specifying the mode first and the source file name second) remains working and supported. However, it is now deprecated and will be removed at the end of 2018.

## New features and enhancements

* mkvmerge: AC-3: during identification regular AC-3 and E-AC-3 tracks will now be identified differently for most container formats (exception: AVI, Real Media, Ogg/OGM). The codec will be reported as `AC-3` for regular AC-3 and as `E-AC-3` for E-AC-3 tracks instead of the combined `AC-3/E-AC-3`.
* mkvextract: the command line interface has been changed to allow extraction of multiple items at the same time. See section "Important notes" for details.

## Bug fixes

* mkvmerge: AAC ADTS parser: mkvmerge will now parse the `program_config_element` if it is located at the start of an AAC frame in order to determine the actual number of channels. This overrides invalid channel configurations in the ADTS headers, for example. Fixes #2107.
* mkvmerge: fixed AC-3 being misdetected as encrypted MPEG program streams under certain conditions.
* mkvmerge: Dirac: under certain conditions (e.g. only muxing a single Dirac track without any other tracks) mkvmerge was always setting the pixel width & height to 123. The frame rate was wrong, too.
* mkvmerge: E-AC-3 in Matroska: if AC-3 cores and their corresponding E-AC-3 extension are located in two different Matroska blocks, then mkvmerge will now re-assemble them into a single block and only use the first block's timestamp.
* mkvmerge: SRT reader: fixed calculating the duration of entries starting with at a negative timestamp.
* mkvmerge: VC-1: under certain conditions (e.g. only muxing a single VC-1 track without any other tracks) mkvmerge was always setting the pixel width & height to 123. The frame rate was wrong, too. Fixes #2113.
* mkvmerge: command line options: an error message will be output if the single-value-form of the `--sync` option is used and it isn't a number (e.g. `--sync 0:asd`). Fixes #2121.
* mkvpropedit, GUI's header editor: both programs will now show proper error messages instead of crashing when certain kinds of data corruption is found when reading a file. Fixes #2115.

Version 16.0.0 "Protest" 2017-09-30

## New features and enhancements

* mkvmerge: MP4 reader: added support for Vorbis. Implements #2093.

## Bug fixes

* configure: the checks for libEBML and libMatroska have been fixed to require libEBML 1.3.5 and libMatroska 1.4.7 as intended.

* mkvmerge: AAC reader: mkvmerge will now emit an error message for AAC files whose header fields imply a sampling frequency or number of channels of 0. See #2107.
* mkvmerge: AVC/h.264 ES parser: fixed the calculation of reference information for P and B frames. This also fixes some P frames being marked as B frames and vice versa.
* mkvmerge: AVC/h.264 ES parser: only non-key frames that have the NALU header field `nal_ref_idc` set to 0 will be marked as "discardable" in `SimpleBlock` elements. Other half of the fix for #2047.
* mkvmerge: HEVC/h.265: the generation of the HEVCC structure stored in `CodecPrivate` was wrong in two places: 1. the position of the number of sub-layers was swapped with reserved bits and 2. the VPS/SPS/PPS/SEI lists did not start with a reserved 1 bit.
* mkvmerge: output: the `doc type version` will be set at least to 2 if certain elements are written (`CodecState`, `CueCodecState`, `FlagInterlaced`).
* mkvmerge: output: the track header attributes `MinCache` and `MaxCache` will not be written anymore. Fixes #2079.
* mkvmerge: Matroska reader: the "key" and "discardable" flags of SimpleBlock elements will be kept as they are. Partial fix for #2047.
* mkvmerge: Matroska reader: if present in the file, the "white colour coordinate x" track header attribute was written to both "white colour coordinate x" and "white colour coordinate y" in the output file.
* mkvmerge: Opus output: mkvmerge will now put all frames with discard padding into their own block group. Fixes #2100.
* MKVToolNix GUI: header editor: removed the check for external modification when saving the file. Fixes #2097.
* MKVToolNix GUI: job queue: fixed calculation of total progress when automatic removal of completed is enabled. Fixes #2105.

## Build system changes

* libEBML v1.3.5 and libMatroska v1.4.8 are now required. In fact v15.0.0 already requires libEBML v1.3.5 and libMatroska v1.4.7 but did not include proper version checks for them (nor was there a entry for the new libMatroska requirement). New is the requirement for libMatroska v1.4.8 due to it fixing writing block groups for tracks with the track number 128 (see #2103).

Los sistemas operativos soportados son Linux, Unix, Windows y otros. Como se avisa en las descargas se puede descargar con instalador o en un fichero 7zip.

Descarga MKVToolnix -->

Saludos :saludo:



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Re:MKVtoolnix 17.0.0 (Oct 14, 2017)
« Respuesta #1: 15 de Octubre de 2017, 13:16 »
Vaya, esto puede afectar a las GUI's de MkvExtract, y en concreto a UsEac3to.

Intentaré hacer una nueva versión rápidamente. Por el momento preservar la versión anterior para UsEac3to (redefinir la ruta en Settings si hace falta).

EDITO: Creada la nueva UsEac3to v1.2.8
« Última modificación: 16 de Octubre de 2017, 13:12 por tebasuna51 »